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Battle uniform 1.0 leggings Сherry Monochrome

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Introducing the long-awaited novelty - leggings from D-une Battle uniform version 1.0. The distinctive features this model are: 1) Two-layer design: an additional layer, anatomically appropriate and disposed over the entire surface of the ilio-tibial tract increases stability and control in the legs and hip rotation. Special material EXO-flex (from which the additional layer) tightly hugs the knee area, creating additional damping force, thereby removing the burden from the very joints and with cruciate and lateral ligaments of the knee. 2) Basic primary layer is made of modern fabric specially developed for sports purposes, easy to remove moisture, tight-fitting, ensuring comfort and freedom of movement. 3) High waist (12cm) on the reverse side has a silicone point for better grip and convenient location on the waist belt.
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