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Sizes (hip volume):

XS  80-87 cm
   88-95 cm
М   96-102 cm
L    103-108 сm

There are two options for each size:

  • height up to 169 cm
  • height over 169 cm
Composition: 80% polyester, 20% spandex, compression weave technology

Recommendations for care:

Model: Oksana Konovalova 
All clothing size M
Volumes at the time of shooting:
Bust - 95 cm
Waist - 64 cm
Hips - 100 cm
Height - 178 cm
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How it works?

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New polyamide material, specially designed for medium and high activity. Breathes well and dries - passing moisture through the material.
This fabric has an average level of compression - so it is perfect for practicing in the hall, as well as for everyday walks.
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