What is GYMWARS and who are we?

The core specification is sportswear and uniform for bodybuilding and fitness. Our models are like no others designed for hard working in a gym and high-intensity training.

Along with design our top priority is the technical aspect of our clothes. We use the cutting-edge developments and newest materials. You can be sure that we do not save on materials but choose only the best ones even though they can be expensive.

All the design is elaborated by Ksenia Sheveleva from start to finish.  GYMWARS is original and can’t be compared to any of sportswear brands existing. It doesn’t have equals neither in Europe nor in the USA.

Our main unique feature is limited edition of collections. GYMWARS is very colorful and ponce and this is the reason why we produce only limited and very small editions.

GYMWARS is an exclusive brand, just like our customers.
Now the only place where you can order and purchase the GYMWARS brand clothes is this website. We have no representatives or distributors.

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