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What is GYMWARS and who are we?

We are specializing in clothes for sports, bodybuilding and fitness. Every single item we create is intended for hardcore and high intensity workouts.

Technical aspects of our clothes are just as important for us as clothes design. We use the latest innovations and the newest materials. Rest assured, we are not being cheap with materials, we are always choosing the best, even if it is expensive.

Design of every item from start to finish comes from the pen of Xenia Sheveleva. GYMWARS designs are original and do not look like any existing brands of sports clothing. You will not find anything alike neither in Europe not in America.

Our unique feature is limited edition of collections. GYMWARS styles are very bright and colorful, and this is the reason why our limited editions have a small number of items.

GYMWARS is an exclusive brand, just like our customers. At the moment you can only purchase GYMWARS brand products on our official website. We have no representatives or distributors.



DISTINCTION UNIFORM is our second line which features completely different designs, more modest and casual than the ones of GYM WARS. One thing that remains the same is our attention to details and quality.

D_UNI (short version of the brand name) collection is not limited edition. Our customers can find everything they need for their workouts, including gym clothing and accessories. Unlike GYMWARS collection, D_UNI styles can be purchased both on our official website and from authorized distributors.

The featured item of this collection is EXOCORE belt which makes us very proud. This is the first ever corset waist trainer belt created specifically for bodybuilding, fitness and crossfit workouts. You won’t find anything like it anywhere in the world.