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How it works?

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EXOCORE PRO is the first corset-type training belt that was specially designed for active bodybuilding, fitness, crossfit. I would like to focus on the fact that it was designed specifically as a sports device, with all the ensuing characteristics

EXOCORE will be for you an excellent replacement for the classic weightlifting belt in your strength training.

Why is it needed:

1) The belt is an excellent support / support for your lower back, protecting it from possible injuries while working in the gym;

2) Tightly fitting the muscles of the core, the belt allows you to minimize unnecessary load on the oblique muscles of the abdomen, thereby saving your waistline from increasing it in volume;

3) Uniform pressure and complete control of the rectus abdominis muscles inhibit the movement of the abdominal wall during exercise. This teaches you to breathe in your lungs, not your stomach, and of course, it will relieve the problem of a “tumbled-out stomach”. The belt will accustom you to a beautiful posture, will form the correct female silhouette;

4) The belt allows you to better concentrate on the working muscles. For example, when pulling the upper block to the chest and using EXOCORE, working out the muscles of the back, you will feel a new level of control and focus over them. In other exercises, you can immediately notice the difference in training.

What exercises can I use EXOCORE for:

You can use the belt in almost all exercises when exercising in the gym, with the exception of exercises aimed at working out directly the abdominal muscles. Without fear, squat and do deadlift, the belt allows you to withstand heavy loads and will not let you down during the exercise.

How to choose the right size belt!

To choose the correct size of the belt, which will not only fit your figure correctly, but will also perform its functionality as efficiently as possible, you need the following:

- Stand upright, straighten up, measure your waist at the narrowest point. The stomach does not need to be pulled in, it should be in a calm, but not relaxed state;

- A tailor centimeter is best for measuring volume;

- Now that you know the size of your waist, use the size plate to select the size you need:

With a waist from 58 to 64 cm - choose size S

With a waist from 64 to 70 cm - choose size M (Size M is available in two versions)

A) For growth up to 169 cm and a height of 23 cm

B) For growth over 169 cm and a height of 25 cm

With a waist size of 70 to 76 cm - choose size L.

As for the size! You need to understand that when we are losing weight or getting fat, we also change and select the appropriate clothing sizes, so the size should be selected to your current state. No need to choose the size "for growth" or "for losing weight"

As for border sizes, you should proceed from this logic:

For Size M / L - If for you 70 is the maximum value, and mostly 70 or less, then choose size M. If 70 is the minimum value and mostly more, then take L;

For Size S / M - If 64 is your maximum size, then take, of course, S (i.e. your waist is supposed to be 64 or less). If the situation is the opposite, and 64 is the minimum, and usually 64 or more, then you need to choose the size M.
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