Buy now EXOCORE 2.3 Pink - The first one corset type waist , for power training!

EXOCORE 2.3 Pink

The first one corset type waist , for power training!
71 USD
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1) Beautiful silhouette
2) 3d weaving  technology
3) High-quality synthetic fiber
4) 7 flexible ribs lumbar support
Width of the Waist:
S / M-short  size         - 23cm
M-tall / L size     - 25cm

Recommendations for care:

Each belt EXOCORE 2.3 contains 7 ribs. Five of which are located on the inside of the waistband, and the outer one pair. This arrangement provides the best comfort and functionality of the entire system. The ribs are made of durable elastic plastic, which will ensure maximum adhesion zone, while maintaining the stiffness of the whole structure.
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How it works?

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EXOCORE 2.3 - this is the first belt for training "corset" format that has been specifically designed for active bodybuilding, fitness, CrossFit. I would like to emphasize the fact that it was designed as a sports sighting device, with all the attendant characteristics. author of the project, I am directly, with the support of specialized professionals of sports and rehabilitation medicine. For the enthusiasm and support which I am immensely grateful. What the numbers mean 2.3? This version, version of the model that will go on sale. Of course, there were 1.0 and 1.2, and so on. The project is in development for almost a year, and only now we have decided that they are ready to release their offspring into the light. I'm sure you will appreciate the new product, as well as his I appreciated.
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